White Trash Wine Party- For my birthday

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My birthday comes every year (Duh. Why did I say that? Is that not the most obvious thing I have EVER said?). And every year I get all these great ideas of things to do. Whether it is just dinner with some close girlfriends or a huge poker night. My brain just spins with ideas. I hate surprises, so I think I subconsciously always try to plan my own party far enough in advance so no one gets the dumb idea to throw me a surprise party. So this year I wanted to do a wine and cheese party. But I didn’t want to just have a bunch of us sit around sipping wine and munching on the usual baked brie with water crackers. I mean I love doing that, but I wanted to do something very different. Ah ha…

I googled White Trash Wine Party and was shocked to find that a local wine store actually had one. They paired high end wines with foods like cheetos, Slim Jims, Tater Tots, Velveeta and Din Dongs. Which gave me a great idea. Why don’t I throw my own White Trash Wine Party? My rules will be a little different. No high end wine here. Each guest was asked to bring 1 bottle of wine under $6. With Trader Joe’s and the Bev Mo $.01 wine sale, you could easily pick up a decent bottle of wine for that much. When I say decent, I mean something that would go nicely with Velveeta mac and cheese. No hoity toityness here.

As well as a bottle of wine, each guest was asked to dress white trash. You see, I grew up in the 909 (Norco to be exact). We lived in a nice house, but in a real, um, how to put it nicely, pit city. It smelled like horse poop. A huge local dairy farm was just miles down the road. So when you drive down the 15 freeway, you KNOW when you are in Norco. You can smell your arrival. Dressing up for this almost hit too close to home. When I was 8, I’m pretty sure I dreamt about the skirt I wore last night: stretch white wash denim mini skirt. Ya, WT for sure. It was comfortable though. So I was down for it.

Anyway, back to the food. I put a lot of thought into what we would eat. I wanted to make sure each item would be a true WT dish. Or that at least some component of it reminded people of WT. But it also needed to be edible and not clog all of our arteries by the time the night was over. Here is what I decided on:

Chili Velveeta Dip with tater tots for dipping

Pigs in a Blanket

Jon’s Sushi (Bacon, tortilla, marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips)

Ritz Crackers and Easy Cheese

Jell-o Mold

Ramen Noodle Salad

Mac and Cheese with hot dogs (I didn’t get a picture, we inhaled it too quickly)
Veggies with Ranch
Fruit with Marshmallow Fluff Dip

Hostess Cake

And box wine of course

We thought of lots of the details besides the food. In case you want to throw your own WT party, here are a few ideas to consider (I found so many suggestions through my google searches):

A sheet as a table cloth
Lawn Chairs in the living room
Flowers in beer bottles
Miss matched paper plates and napkins
Red cups are a must
Spare tire in the front porch
Nascar signs

The party was a huge success. Almost everyone dressed up. It was so fun to see what people considered WT. Sorry to whoever that might have offended, but this was all for fun. By all the ways people dressed, we are a pretty motley crew ourselves. Since the attire wasn’t too far from what we normally wear 🙂

I have great friends who made me feel so loved on my birthday. Mainly b/c they all participated and had a great time. You guys are the best!!!!


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