Halloween Cake Pops

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I put them in a little bag wiht a bow and gave them to my friend Bonnie. She loved it!

I am not going to say these are super easy. They aren’t difficult though. Totally worth a try for any level of baking experience. You use a box cake mix and frosting from the can. So that part is a cinch. The more challenging part is dipping them without ruining the stick while also keeping the chocolate smooth on the cake pop. Don’t add too much extra oil to the chocolate to thin it. That will make it too thin, and then the chocolate will run down the stick when you put it up to dry.

The original idea came from Bakerella. She has a beautiful website with tons of ideas for cake pops.

1 box cake mix, prepared (I used chocolate)
1/2 jar frosting (I used chocolate)
1 bag white melting chocolate
Orange Food coloring (Not the liquid drops, use the gel)
Black writing frosting
Green Writing frosting
Gummi Life Savers
Red Writing Frosting
Vegetable Oil

Cake and Frosting Combos
Chocolate (Dark, German Chocolate, Devil’s Food)
Red Velvet

Cream Cheese

Make the cake according to box instructions, allow it to cool completely then crumble it up.

Mix about 1/2 the jar of frosting with the cake. Form small balls using a small cookie scoop. Roll them in your hand to smooth them out. Place them on a cookie sheet with wax paper. Freeze the sheet of cake truffles for at least 2 hours.

Melt a few chocolate candies in a bowl in the microwave. Dip the end of a stick in the chocolate, then poke it into the frozen cake ball. *The chocolate will help it stick to the cake, almost like glue.

Melt the rest of the chocolate in a double boiler and add enough orange food coloring so it is a vibrant orange like a pumpkin.
*If you are making the eyeballs, just leave out the food coloring.

Holding the stick, dip the frozen cake ball in the chocolate, using a spoon to our chocolate over the entire cake ball. Let any extra chocolate drip off.

Stick the dipped cake pop in a piece of Styrofoam, The chocolate will harden pretty quickly because of the frozen cake truffle.
Once the chocolate is hardened, decorate it as desired. If using sprinkles, sprinkle right after you dip the cake pop into the chocolate.
I made a few without the sticks. So I will just call them cake truffles instead of cake pops. To give these as a gift, you can put them in mini muffin liners and put them in a candy gift box. Very cute and very easy!


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