Monkey Cake

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My friend’s daughters 1 year birthday was a few weeks ago. We were brain storming on what kind of cake to make and they decided they wanted a monkey cake. They call her their little monkey, so it was very fitting. And I am not gonna lie, she looks like a monkey. The freaking cutest monkey you have ever seen. She has the puffy little cheeks and the button nose. And the best personality of any 1 year old. Okay, so maybe I am bias. So shoot me.
I googled ‘monkey cakes’ to see what inspiration I could find. I found a website that had a picture and instructions on what to do. Check it out because it even has pictures of how to cut the cake so the donut ears fit perfectly. Thank you

•1 (9-inch) round cake (We made a funfetti cake. Just used 1 whole box, made it according to box instructions and poured the whole thing in a round cake pan)
•2 chocolate-covered doughnuts (The big ones, not the mini ones from the gas station)
•½ can (1 cup) vanilla frosting
•Red food coloring
•1 can (16 oz) chocolate frosting
•½ cup chocolate sprinkles
•2 black jelly beans
•2 miniature York peppermint patties
•1 chocolate Twizzler
•2 red Twizzler
What you’ll need:
•A bread knife
•A serving platter
•2 resealable sandwich-size plastic bags (Ziploc)
•Kitchen shears or scissors

Trimming the cakes:
1.Place the cake on a clean work surface. Using the bread knife, trim a 1 ½-inch triangle-shaped notch from opposite sides of the cake (see template). Discard scraps. Place the trimmed cake onto a serving platter.
2.Cut ½ inch from one side of each doughnut.
For the white, red, and pink frosting:
1.Spoon ¼ cup of the untinted vanilla frosting into a resealable plastic bag.
2.Add enough red food coloring to 2 Tbsp of the vanilla frosting to tint it red and spoon it into a separate resealable plastic bag.
3.Add a few drops of the red food coloring to the remaining vanilla frosting to tint it a pale pink.
Frosting the cake:
1.Spread the chocolate frosting onto the top and sides of the cake, avoiding the lower half of the monkey’s face.
2.Spread the pale-pink frosting into a kidney bean–shaped area over the monkey’s mouth, chin, and cheeks, as pictured.
3.Press the chocolate sprinkles into the forehead, the top of the head, and the underside of the monkey’s chin.
Assembling the cake:
1.Press the trimmed edges of the donuts onto the cake for the monkey’s ears. Press the jelly beans into the center of the cake to make the monkey’s nostrils.
2.Curve one of the red twizzlers in the mouth area to form a smile.
3.Pipe 2 white circles onto the top of the cake for the monkey’s eyes and press the peppermint candies into them. Add a dab of white frosting for the sparkle in each eye, as pictured.
4.Snip the chocolate Twizzler into thin 2-inch strands with kitchen shears or clean scissors and insert them into the top of the cake for the monkey’s hair.
5. Shape 1 twizzlers in a bow and stick it on the top of the monkey’s head.
6. Slide some fake leaves under the circumference of the cake for an added ‘safari’ effect.
We didn’t cut this for the guests to eat. We made 50 extra cupcakes for that. We just put the cake in from of Rae and let her dig in. She was the cleanest 1 year old ever. She very daintily pick apart the cake. you saw her eyes get huge when she saw the monkey, and then her eyes continues to grow and she licked each bite off of her fingers. If she could form sentences, she would affirm that it was the best birthday cake ever.


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