Peanut Butter Bread

Posted on August 8, 2009. Filed under: Breads, Peanut Butter |

In my quest to expand my culinary skills, I have decided to practice baking with yeast. Last week I made pizzas. This week, peanut butter bread. I was very intimidated to work with yeast. But after a little practice the last 2 weeks, I have learned it isn’t as intimidating as I thought! It is actually simple. Well, I have been making simple things, but it is a good start. So don’t be intimidated, try working with yeast.
This is not a sweet bread. It is a almost like a sandwich loaf style. It is perfect for a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich or for french toast the next morning. Or spread some butter and drizzle a little honey on a slice fresh from the oven. Perfect! It has just enough of a subtle hint of peanut butter, but isn’t overwhelming. It is easy too.

3 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (natural style)
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast
1 cup luke warm water
1 egg
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 nonfat powdered milk

Mix the yeast and water. Let it sit for 10 minutes, until the yeast is bubbly.
While the yeast is sitting, mix the egg, peanut butter, brown sugar, vanilla, dry milk and salt in bowl with a stand mixer (using a dough hook)
After the yeast is done, pour the yeast water and the flour into the peanut butter mix. Mix it for 5-7 minutes using a dough hook.
Transfer the dough ball to a large bowl sprayed with pam. Cover with a damp cloth. Keep this in a warm place (I turned on my oven and set it on the stove).
*Dough needs a warm place to rise, 80-100 degrees. If a cool breeze passes by, it could cause the dough to fall. The cloth cover will help protect it as well. Don’t get it too warm though, or else the yeast will go bad. i know this makes it sound complicated, but it isn’t. Just keep it somewhere somewhat warm for 2 hours.
Once the dough has doubled in size, roll it out on a floured surface. Then roll it up, tuck the ends under and place it in a greased loaf pan. Allow it to rest, covered with a cloth, for about an hour. Until the dough has almost doubled in size again.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Bake the bread for about 25-30 minutes. Until the outside is brown. Darker then golden brown.* the dough will rise a lot while baking. Don’t worry, it is normal and it won’t expand out of the oven. (LUCY!!!!!)Slice while warm and spread with peanut butter, jelly, butter, or honey.


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