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So I hadn’t been to the fair in 10 years. And I was only excited to go and see/try all the fried fair food. I was really excited for the funnel cake, corn dog and chocolate covered bacon. All things I NEVER eat. But at the fair, the cornmeal crusted and fried around the hot dog counts as a serving of veggies (corn). Because at the fair, ALL healthy guild lines go out the window. And every justification to consume gobs and gobs of crap is accepted.
So with that said, I managed to eat 4 different fair delicacies. And here is my take on each item:
Australian Battered Potatoes – – – Consensus: Yes, get these!
Incredible! I mean, it is like an extra fried french fri. Smothered in ranch or cheese sauce, or both. I ordered mine with Ranch. 4 of us shared it. There were 7 slices of potato, battered and fried, piled high and drenched with ranch. As I was carrying my plate of potatoes and slowing munching on them I walked into the Carnival of Products. The first food stand on the left was flavored garlic powders from Gilroy, CA. So I dumped a some flavored garlic powder on my potatoes, and it made them even better.
Caramel Candy Apples – – – Consensus: You can give or take this.
Okay, so it seems silly to get these at the fair because you can get these all year ’round at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and other random stores. But, they are so good that we couldn’t pass them up. We go the cookies and cream option: apple, caramel, white chocolate and oreo crumbs. It was good, but not great. I think an apply with more chocolate and candy would be a better choice. the oreos get soft and soggy when they are out of an air tight container, and candy and chocolate don’t.

Chocolate Covered Bacon – – – Consensus: Don’t get this
We were all really excited to try this. Salty and sweet, bacon and chocolate, could it get any better? We found a little churro/lemonade stand with a “Chocolate Covered Bacon” neon sign. First of all, we didn’t want to buy this from a churro stand. We wanted it to come from a frier, or from a place that sells pig products! Not a stand selling churros and lemonade. So after passing 2 previous lemonade stands with the flashing bacon neon sign we gave in and walked over to buy some. While in line we saw a group of people munching on their choc. covered bacon critiquing it. So I asked them, “is it worth it?’ theys aid no. They actually disliked it so much they gave us their leftovers. So we tried theirs and agreed with their opinion. The bacon was too thin, and the cfhocolat was too thick. You really couldn’t even taste the bacon. They should have used extra thick slices of smoked bacon, and a little less chocolate, and then I can imagine this being awesome!
Zucchini Stuffed Corn Dog – – – Consensus: Don’t get it
I loved this idea. My favorite breading on fried products is the corn meal breading on corn dogs. And I absolutely love zucchini, and well, I like hot dogs too. The thing is massive. After you smother it in mustard, you feel like you need a fork to dig in. But, we just went for it and took a bite right off the top. The hot dog was cold! It’s like they were in such a hurry to get it out the window that they couldn’t leave it in the frier and extra 30 seconds to let the dog cook. The zucchini was tender, yet crunchy still, and the breading was perfect. If they had put a warm dog in the zucchini to start with, this would have been very tasty. But the cold hot dog kind of killed it. If they had another option of a cheese filled zucchini corn dog, that would be my favorite thing at the fair!


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