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4 years ago Jon got me the best gift ever: a Wustof Santuko Knife. I had just started cooking all the time. And my normal kitchen knives were not cutting it. No pun intended. We have Cut Co knives. We still do, they are great. But I needed something to chop things with. A Santuko knife is what I needed. And Wustof, well, they are just the best. Ya, they are at minimum $100 per knife. But you don’t need that many. you just need a few essentials. And to start, get this one: They even have different handles to fit different sized hands. If you go to Williams Sonoma, they will help you pick the perfect one for you. I cut everything with this 1 knife. Veggies, meat, bread, fruit, nuts, chocolate. Seriously everything.

I should use other knives to cut certain things. Like a seraited knife for bread. or a parring knife for tomatoes. But I just love my wustoff so much, that I make it work with everything.


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